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Advanced Programs
of the Relationship Solution

The Passion And Sexuality Solution
The Money Solution
The Relationship Problem-Solver

A Message From Gay Hendricks:

We are delighted to offer you the Advanced programs of The Relationship Solution. I’d like to take a few moments tell you a little about each of them, to help you decide whether they would be useful to you.

Kathlyn and I have put into these programs the best of what we’ve learned about relationships from our thirty years living, working and teaching together. It’s our life purpose to help people of the present and future feel maximum love, harmony and creative expression. We believe the information and practices in these programs will give you the very best chance of fulfilling your commitment to yourself to love as much as you can during your life.

The Passion And Sexuality Solution:

The journey to new heights of passion and sexual fulfillment in our relationship has been more richly rewarding than any other journey we know of. We’ve been around the world over thirty times, seen the Taj Mahal, walked the slopes of Mt. Everest, been on archaeological expeditions to Mayan ruins and still we can say: There’s no adventure to match the creation of lasting passion in a long-term relationship. Nothing else even comes close. That’s why we think you’re in for the greatest adventure of your life. The Passion And Sexuality Solution Is your roadmap to this new territory.

You may be in a committed relationship or you may be a single person wanting to create a lasting relationship with enduring passion. Either way, you have the same challenges to face and the same rewards to reap. Not too many years ago, we began our own journey of lasting passion and sexual fulfillment. We did it ‘the hard way,’ because there were no road maps in those days. We had to learn everything by trial and error. Looking back, we’re glad we did, because it allowed us to save others the trouble of having to make all the mistakes we made. Someone once asked Buckminster Fuller how he managed to stay so creative throughout his long life. Not only did he receive hundreds of patents for his inventions and give hundreds of talks a year, he also remained happily married for over fifty years. His answer was simple: Because he made more mistakes than anyone else he’d ever known!

We would add something to his wise answer: It’s learning from your mistakes that makes the difference. Mistakes themselves have no transformative value: It’s learning from them that counts. And learn we have! Over the two-and-a-half decades of our relationship, we’ve learned a great deal about how to create lasting magic in relationships. We’re our own best customers: Everything in our books and in programs like these has been thoroughly ‘kitchen-tested’ by us in the real world. In addition, we’ve had the privilege of working with more than 4000 couples at this point in our careers, so we’ve seen most of the problems that are likely to emerge in close relationships. Nobody is immune from the deep issues that emerge, either. At one point a few years back, over half the people we were seeing for counseling were other relationship experts. Wherever you are in the journey, you’re in exactly the place you need to be. Now, the only question is: What do I most need to learn?

As you begin your journey with us, what matters more than anything else is commitment. If you are committed to passion and deep sexual fulfillment, you will find the tools to create it here in this program. You’ve probably heard the phrase that you really have to “work on your relationship” for it to grow and prosper. We put it a different way: It takes systematic, dedicated practice, but it’s not “work.” The reason it’s not work is because your endeavors pay off immediately in more love and fulfillment. Because you get the immediate reward, you’ll soon see that the practice is not experienced as “work.” In fact, it’s wildly pleasurable and magnificently rewarding…if you’re willing to let it be so.

The Money Solution:

The Money Solution is the bestseller of all our Advanced multimedia programs. There’s probably a good reason for that: money hassles eat up more energy in relationships than conflicts about any other subject, including sex, chores and children.

Your life begins to change radically when you realize a profound truth: Money-struggles are seldom about money. Over half the time they’re about control-issues such as Who’s right/Who’s wrong and Who’s boss in the relationship. In The Money Solution you’ll get to the bottom of the money issue, and if you do it right, you’ll never have another money squabble in your life. Since we learned what we teach you in this program, Kathlyn and I have not had an argument or even a mild disagreement about money in more than 15 years. When we first figured out the money solution, we didn’t have much money and we argued about it a lot. Now, we never argue about it and we have created great abundance. You can do it, too, if you’re willing and committed to it.

We’ve seen remarkable transformations in people we’ve worked with, but it all hinges on your commitment. Like Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it you can do it.” If you would like to dream into reality a life of intimacy AND abundance, The Money Solution will show you how.

The Relationship Problem-Solver:

As you create deeper and more fulfilling relationships with people, you’ll also uncover deeper and deeper levels of resistance to love. One of the most perplexing principles of life is that we often resist the things we most want. The reason is pretty easy to understand: Early in our lives, most of us have been hurt by people who also loved us. We come to associate pain with love, so that later in life we think we have to move through layers of old pain as we grow in our ability to love. You can make the process much easier for yourself, though, by understanding how to move through difficult feelings, issues and circumstances in your life with elegance and grace rather than turmoil.


You’ve probably seen heliotropes, a variety of flower that turns toward the sun. When the heat and light touches them, they open up to receiving the energy rather than shrinking away from it. Human beings can learn from this flower. If you notice the happy people you know, you’ll see that they demonstrate a remarkable ability to turn toward—rather than shrink away—from things that are trying to get their attention. We call this ability heliotroping, and contrast it with its opposite, shrinking away.

The sun is powerful energy. It’s so far away that we can hardly conceive of the distance, yet it can warm us, heal us or burn us, depending on how we relate to it. Think of the sun as a metaphor for the kinds of powerful energies that occur in our lives day in and day out. A geographical move, a sudden illness or the death of a loved one—all of these are powerful blasts of energy. All of them send shock-waves of anger, grief and fear through us.

The energy itself is certainly important: The pain, the grief, the move or whatever. More important than the energy itself, though, is how we relate to the energy. How we relate to pain or grief or other strong energies tells us who we really are as human beings. Do we turn toward the energy to embrace it? Or do we shrink away from in contraction? It’s a choice presented to us in many moments of the day, in many experiences large and small.

The Relationship Problem-Solver shows you how to embrace the problems of your relationship in such a way that those very problems cease to recycle. Then, the previously intractable issues of your relationship dissolve effortlessly in the space of your new consciousness.