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The Power of Completing

This is a great time of year to harness the creative juice you open by making conscious completions in your life. Anything that’s keeps coming to your mind may be an incompletion: a feeling you didn’t communicate, an agreement that got dropped, or money that is owed. This handout allows you to get these incompletions out of your mind and into a list that you can move through one item at a time. Be sure to celebrate your completion by checking off the item!

Click HERE to download the handout.

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  1. Freidimar
    December 9, 2015 at 5:20 am #

    I genuinely enjoy your innertet page, nevertheless Ie2€™m having a difficulty: anytime I load one of your post in Safari, the proper with the webpage is screwed it truly is strange. Might I mail you a screenshot? Anyways, continue your very good job; I truly appreciate reading you.

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