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At the Speed of Life


Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
and Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.


In this eBook, which has helped thousands of people through difficult times, we explore the real world of our approach to body-centered transformation. The material in the book is drawn from the front lines of real life.

We’ve had the pleasure of training more than a thousand coaches and therapists during our careers, as well as working directly with about 4000 couples so far. This experience has given us the most richly satisfying work we could possibly imagine. In addition, we’ve been blessed with well over twenty-five years of a magnificent marriage that has given us the proving-ground for everything we teach.

At The Speed Of Life gathers the intentions, practices and key principles that make our work body-wisdom-centered. Many people consider this work to be the keystone of an effective coaching or counseling practice. The chapters cover the Nine Pathways to Essence, a road map to living from your core self. We discuss theory, include lots of examples and practical applications for daily life.

Everything in this book is here because it changed someone’s life. The material addresses major issues people bring to coaching sessions. We hope that it will find a useful place in your life and work.

What You’ll Find Inside At the Speed of Life:

Chapter 1: At the Speed of Life: Body-Centered Therapy as a Path of Awakening

Click HERE to download and read the Foreword.

Chapter 2: The Theory and Practice of Body Centered Therapy: A New Paradigm for Healing the Mind/Body

Chapter 3: The Quantum Questions: The Key Questions to Produce Rapid Transformation

Chapter 4: Signposts to Essence: Reading the Subtle Language of the Unconscious Through the Five Flags

Chapter 5: The Presencing Principle: The Starting Point of Mind/Body Healing

Chapter 6: The Fundamental Presencing Technique

Chapter 7: The Magnification Principle

Chapter 8: The Fundamental Magnification Techniques

Chapter 9: The Breathing Principle: Using Breathwork in the Healing Process

Chapter 10: The Three Fundamental Breathing Techniques

Chapter 11: The Moving Principle: Using Movement in the Healing Process

Chapter 12: The Three Fundamental Movement Techniques

Chapter 13: The Communication Principle: How Truth Can Heal

Chapter 14: Grounding and Manifestation: The Art of Turning Insight into Action

Chapter 15: Love and Responsibility: The Alpha and Omega Strategies of Mind/Body Healing

Epilogue: Choosing Integrity Personal History: How We Became Body-Centered Therapists

Love and Blessings,

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.


I LOVE this book. I came away from it with a much deeper appreciation for the whys of Gay and Katie’s work. Not all of the exercises are easy or comfortable for me, and when I feel scared or dubious and want to stand back, I now have a theoretical underpinning that helps me say yes and participate, even when I feel scared. I feel a greater willingness to engage with this work as a participant, and I feel more courageous about bringing it to others in my own work.

Holly Lewis, MD
Boulder, CO