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Free Stuff

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Your genius is a secret hidden in plain sight. To find it, you must change your perspective. You must learn to see with the eyes of your heart instead of the eyes of your mind. And living in your zone of genius more and more of the time means shifting your way of being, in yourself and in the world.

Our writings and videos are designed to support this shift. To guide your inquiry. To feed your curiosity. And to remind you to laugh, wonder, and celebrate along the way!


The Big Leap

Here's a nice big chunk of Big Leap wisdom, how to expand your ability to give and receive more love, abundance and success every day. Enjoy.

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Conscious Visioning

Many people haven't asked themselves "what do I really want?" in regard to their lives.  The process we want to share with you will help you create in the future what you want now.

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No Limits – More Happiness and Success Than You Thought Possible

This extensive article on Gay's book The Big Leap explores accessing and living in your zone of genius and the Upper Limit Problem and appeared recently in Experience Life magazine. We've reprinted here for your enjoyment.

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The Four Pillars of Integrity Video Series

We have been exploring what we call operational integrity for several decades. The skills in these videos are all processes, actions that you can take as opposed to an idea you can discuss or debate. The Four Pillars, when practiced, create a flexible and dynamic inner structure that streamlines choices and empowers creativity.

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Operational Integrity

This article brings our work into the organizational realm, allowing you to translate responsibility and authenticity skills for corporations and businesses. Enjoy

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Can You Have What You Want At Work?

An article on our work is featured in November's issue of Success Magazine, entitled Work Wars. We examined five central relationship mistakes that successful people make and what you can do about them. An audio interview with us in included as well.

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