A Global Revolution In How We Communicate
In Love, Work And Politics

Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks

Do Three Things And The World Changes

An initiative is the first step in a process that determines the future. A revolution is a dramatic change in ideas or practice. We invite you to join the revolution and take the initiative. We invite your participation and contribution to help it sweep the world.
Here are the basic moves that will create the kind of future we want to live in.
They’re based on the thousands of miraculous transformations we’ve seen when
people do these three things:

•Speak honestly, rather than concealing the truth.
•Take healthy responsibility, wonder rather than blaming others.
•Express appreciation, rather than criticizing.

Let’s Come Together And Imagine A New World Into Being

Imagine a world in which everybody tells the truth. Imagine a world in which everybody takes
100% responsibility and nobody ever blames. Imagine close relationships in which you enjoy a constant flow of appreciating and being appreciated.

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Our goal is to gather 1 MILLION names to this online petition so we can lobby political leaders
regarding the importance of
authenticity, responsibility, and appreciation.

Please join us by adding your name
to the following declaration:

"I commit to authenticity, responsibility
and appreciation in my own relationships, and request that politicians speak honestly, take responsibility (thus eliminating blame) and express appreciation

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These Three Key Moves Create Magic In Your Life
And Miracles In The World

Speaking The Truth

When you experience conflict, notice any body sensations in your shoulders, chest area or around your navel. Take a deep, relaxed breath and describe those sensations in one out-breath, like “My shoulders feel tense”
or “I’m feeling anxious.”

Taking Healthy Responsibility

Instead of blame, take healthy responsibility, as in “Hmmm, I wonder how I’m contributing to this conflict?”
Create a pleasurable “hmmm” tone that lasts through your entire out-breath. Explore different pitches and different places in your chest and throat to create the best-feeling hum. Then, while humming, invoke wonder by asking questions like these: “Hmmm, I wonder how this is familiar and where I learned this?”,
“Hmmm, I wonder how this can be resolved?”

Expressing Appreciation

First, change your body position in some way that allows you to see a new aspect of the other person.
For example, soften your eyes, move to the side or back of your partner, or open your posture by
uncrossing your arms. Then, express your appreciation in one out-breath by completing
the following sentence: “I appreciate you for ____________.”

Do Three Things And The World Changes.
Join The Conscious Living And Loving Initiative.


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