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Lasting Love


Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
and Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.


This follow-up ebook to the best-selling book Conscious Loving takes on two of the most pressing problems that sap vitality and energy from our committed relationship: how to forge a closer relationship that still allows each partner full creative autonomy, and how to generate the passion and preserve the harmony essential to keeping long-term partnerships alive and blooming.

Lasting Love grew out of the laboratory of our 28-year marriage as well as our 10-year study of more than 2,000 long-term committed couples. We discovered that the most common couples conflicts could be traced to at least one of five root causes:

  • An imbalance between the creative energy each partner contributes to the relationship
  • A lack of emotional honesty
  • An unwillingness to accept responsibility for everyday issues
  • Deep-seated commitment issues
  • A deficiency of daily appreciations

Using these insights as a starting point, we devised a program based on five vital actions that simultaneously lead to a deeper flow of intimacy between partners and greater creative freedom for each individual.

Spend time expressing your own creativity rather than focusing on “fixing” your partner
Eliminate the barrier to speaking and hearing the truth about everything
Break the cycle of blame and criticism permanently
Make commitments you can really stand by, come home to and use to steer your relationship
Become a master of verbal and non-verbal appreciation

Filled with helpful real-life scenarios and straightforward advice, Lasting Love is an essential guide for anyone involved in a relationship who wants it not only to last but to flourish.


Introduction: Your New Path to Harmony and Vitality

Five Secrets of Lasting Love
The First Secret: A New Kind of Commitment Gets You Started- Click HERE to read an excerpt.
The Second Secret: A New Way of Being with Emotions
The Third Secret: The No-blame Relationship and How to Create It
The Fourth Secret: A New Kind of Creativity
The Fifth Secret: Tandem Acts of Kindness
Appendix 1: The Five Secrets at Work: In-Depth Couple’s Interview
Appendix 2: Lasting Love Day to Day: Ten Powerful Activities from Our Seminars
Appendix 3: Relationship ER: Rapid Solutions for Urgent Relationship Concerns

Love and Blessings,

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.


This book started a huge journey in to relationship fo me, in a way I never though possible. The style in which it is written makes it obvious that Katie and Gay have really done thir homework and practice what they preach. This is a must read for any one interested in creating deep and meaningful relationships with themselves and others.