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We do not know the entire meaning of life.
But we are very sure it is not to have a bad time.

Why not take a conscious stand for joy in your close relationships?

We created the relationship of our dreams through tiny moments of conscious choice. And so can you!

We have created the best roadmap for conscious relationship on the planet. It works.

The best news about our approach? The same principles apply to every relationship you have. With your beloved, your parents, your children, your coworkers — even That Politician You Can’t Stand.

We’d like to invite you to experience a new way of relating. One built on appreciation, wonder, and integrity. One that fuels your connection and your autonomy. One where you trade the whole grocery-list of problems for a much better one: how much love can you give and receive?

Here’s a sampling of the Radical Ideas
in our approach to relationships.

Telling the truth is the strongest aphrodisiac on earth. Expressing & sharing feelings is one of the most healing aspects of an intimate relationship.

When we don’t tell the truth, we enter a house of mirrors. Behind every relationship problem is a sweaty ten-minute conversation you’ve been trying to avoid. Do it now.

Your central task is learning to stay in positive energy longer and longer. This is especially true in a co-committed relationship. We teach you how.

Listen to your rhythms and strive for balance. Conscious relationships honor the drive to merge into unity with the other and the urge to fulfill your own creative destiny.

Appreciation is the lifeblood of conscious loving relationships. Make appreciating your partner a daily art form — and watch as your relationship takes a quantum leap!

Taking 100% responsibility rocks. It opens up your creativity and ease — and keeps you from squandering your energy looking for someone to blame.

How you spend your energy is your choice. We haven’t had an argument in more than 15 years. We rechanneled all that wasted argument energy into creative energy.

Want to discover more about conscious loving relationships? High five! Here’s how …