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Sex, Money & Spirit


Sex, Money and Spirit is a great audio introduction to the benefits of increasing your experience of flow and unity. Here’s some of what you’ll find in this action-packed presentation, as Katie:

Puts in plain words the best way to feel happy, sexy, alive, creative, and wealthy.
Explains three ways to open flow and increase your capacity to give and receive love.
Describes four ways to open and unkink your access to more positive energy and abundance.
Introduces the One Nozzle Theory – Sex, Money and Spirit … all come from the same nozzle.

Click HERE to listen to a clip.

Quotes from Sex, Money & Spirit

“Enjoy the flow of opening your sexual feelings. The more you do that, the more you’re going to experience your unity with life.”

“Sexual problems are seldom about sex. They are almost always about a kink in the hose right here (throat.)”

“As you open those (creative impulses), it makes you sexier, more abundant, and increases your value in all kind of ways.”

“What makes you light up? Give yourself to that! That feeds your spirit and others, too.”

Download Sex, Money, & Spirit directly into your iTunes Library for only $4.95 !

(Audio program is 75min long)


One of my favorites. The One Nozzle Theory resonated deeply with my experience, and greatly simplified my understanding of how I stop flow in my life, and simple ways to get the flow going again. Thank you for this!