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The Corporate Mystic


EarthFriendly Instant Download Edition

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. and Kate Ludeman, Ph.D.

A Note From Gay About The New Edition

I am very happy to announce this new EarthFriendly Edition of The Corporate Mystic. If you are interested the place where business and spirituality cross paths and intertwine, you will find a congenial home in this book.

The message of the book is both inspirational and practical. It’s based on interviews and conversations with several hundred top executives and leaders from many aspects of business. In writing the book, Kate and I set out to capture the genius of those remarkable people and their ability to practice spirituality in the midst of not only the daily grind of business but also epic successes and awesome failures. All the people the book is based on live right in the thick of business AND have found a way to make it a spiritual path. Sometimes the spirituality is of the traditional church-related kind, but perhaps more often the executives we worked with practiced more of a universal spirituality based on the quality of interaction rather than on beliefs in dogmas or messiahs.

The Beginning

I remember where I was when the phrase “Corporate Mystic” popped into my mind. I was on a commuter train coming into New York City from somewhere upstate where I’d given a talk. I was on my way to meet with my editor, Toni Burbank, at Bantam Doubleday Dell, about a new book project. As the train clacked along I fell into a reverie and began thinking of some of the remarkable executives I’d had the opportunity to work with as an executive coach. Some of them were billionaires, some of them were running companies that were teetering on bankruptcy, but all of them were practicing business as a spiritual path. In other words, they treated each moment of interaction as an opportunity to learn and grow in their appreciation of spirit, whether that interaction was with the board chairman or the janitor. My mind played with this further. Suddenly I realized that all of them had many of the best qualities of spiritual masters. They were Corporate Mystics.

My eyes flew open and I grabbed for my laptop. Within an hour I had written a coherent summary of the book. I was so excited that I picked up my cell phone and called the editor I was on my way to see. “Toni,” I said, “Forget those other ideas I talked to you about. I just figured out what my new book is going to be. It’s going to be called “The Corporate Mystic.”

To my great delight, Toni said “I love it.”

The Bantam edition went through more than a dozen printings, finding many hundreds of thousands of readers. This past year we were able to get the rights back and put it out in this new Earth Friendly Edition. I hope it continues to inspire and give practical guidance for those who walk the intertwining paths of business and spirit.

Click HERE to read an excerpt.