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The Relationship Survival Guidebook


Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
and Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.


In this eBook, which has helped thousands of people through difficult times, we explore the real world of conscious relationships. The material in the book is drawn from the front lines of real life.

One of our colleagues said that it contains the relationship equivalent of “What to do when the building’s on fire.” In a way he’s absolutely right.

One of the best compliments we ever received came from a woman who said to us after a session, “Thank you for giving me such a clear, straight answer. It’s what I really needed. I appreciate that you actually answered my question rather than doing the usual ‘therapy-thing.” The question she had asked was, “How can I tell when my husband is lying?” Her husband was a complicated, secretive fellow who had a history of betrayals and falsehoods. She had lived with this sort of thing so long that she had lost her instincts for whether he was running a con on her at any given time. Although she was now living apart from him, she still had to deal with him on a regular basis because of the children and a shared business.

Instead of doing the usual “therapy thing” of asking her how she felt about her husband’s lying, we decided to give her a ten-minute crash course in how to tell when people are lying. The information turned out to be of great use to other clients and to our trainees. We began to collect other urgent information, and now you have the collection before your eyes.

We’ve had the pleasure of training more than a thousand coaches and therapists during our careers, as well as working directly with about 4000 couples so far. This experience has given us the most richly satisfying work we could possibly imagine. In addition, we’ve been blessed with well over twenty-five years of a magnificent marriage that has given us the proving-ground for everything we teach.

Everything in this book is here because it changed someone’s life. The material addresses major issues people bring to relationship coaching sessions. We hope that it will find a useful place in your life and work.

Click HERE to read an excerpt.

Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.