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The Secret of Relationships


Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. and Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.


A Personal Welcome From Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks

If you love learning deep and important truths about relationships, you are in for a real treat. The ideas and techniques in this video have revolutionized the lives of many thousands of people, bringing them more love and positive energy than they had ever imagined possible.

A Secret Video From The Secret

A few years ago we got a call from Jack Canfield, asking us if we would talk with an Australian TV producer, Rhonda Byrne, who wanted to interview us for a movie she was making called “The Secret.” After much juggling of schedules, we finally shot the interview in her suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel in LA.

Rhonda is a terrific interviewer, and many amazing new insights emerged about how to use the Law of Attraction in relationships. But…it was too controversial for the movie and was cut from the final version. We wanted to focus on several pieces of relationship wisdom that we thought could take the movie into a higher dimension.

The producers, though, wanted to stay safely within the bounds of the mainstream, focusing exclusively on the simplest understanding of Law of Attraction. That worried us a little, because if you use the Law of Attraction by itself, without including several other secrets, you can actually manifest things that cause a lot of trouble in your life.

It’s like the moment in the original “Bedazzled” movie (the one with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) when Dudley Moore’s character, a lonely nerd who works in a hamburger shop, gets a chance to make a wish. He wants a girlfriend who likes him, but he makes a wish “to be surrounded by worshipful, adoring women.” Poof! Next moment he finds himself in a convent, surrounded by plenty of worshipful, adoring women, but unfortunately it’s (pardon the pun) an all or nun situation: all of the women are nuns (and none of them are worshipping poor Dudley.)

We wanted to make sure the “heart and soul” wasn’t left out of “The Secret,” but the producers decided to focus only on one aspect of manifestation. It turns out they were right to do it that way. Millions of people in the mainstream got exposed to manifestation for the first time because of the movie.

There’s a secret to getting the Law of Attraction to help you manifest the relationship of your dreams, but it’s definitely not what you think.

The problem many people have with the popular movie “The Secret” is that it focuses mainly on the mental aspects of manifestation. There are two dangers to using the Law of Attraction as a mental approach. The first danger is that it won’t work. The second danger is that it will. Either way, there’s potential trouble.

If it doesn’t work, many people give up and “throw the baby out with the bath water.” They decide it’s just another New Age gimmick and they stop using it. The bigger danger is that it will work and you’ll get what you wished for, but the results will have negative consequences you hadn’t bargained for.

A New Approach

From working with more than 20,000 people to create love and financial abundance in their lives, we developed a new approach that adds heart and soul to the Law of Attraction. Not only does it work much faster, it also makes sure you get what you REALLY want and need, not just what your mind thinks you want. This new approach is rooted in deep personal experience. Long before we taught relationship and manifestation courses or wrote books about those subjects, we were using the concepts and tools ourselves.

Gay tells the story of the moment of transformation that revealed to him the true power of manifestation:

“I had struggled with relationships throughout my teens and twenties and on into my thirties. I felt like giving up and surrendering to the despair I felt deep inside me. All this ended one night when I simply let go. I just sat down and let go into the despair. I stopped resisting it. As I went through layers and layers of old sadness, I found myself thinking “maybe this whole love thing is not meant for people like me.”

As I sat there, letting the waves of feeling wash over me, a new thought came into my mind: maybe love was an inside job, something I could give myself instead of always seeking it in others. This idea was so unusual that it made me sit up straight; I felt the birth of a something new in me. I saw the folly of what I had been doing throughout my relationship life: I had been trying to get rid of my loneliness by getting other people to love me! Suddenly I realized I could love all of myself deeply and unconditionally, and that this acceptance of all of myself, even the unlovable parts, could attract a new kind of person into my life.

In a split second, I felt something shift deep inside me. It was like what happens when you step from a cold room into a nice, hot shower. First you feel the warm water on your skin, and it feels good. But a few moments later something magical happens. You feel a deep let-go of relaxation down in the center of you, as the inside core of you relaxes its clench against the outside world. A positive new stream of thoughts entered my mind. I saw that consciousness is the strongest power on earth and that I could use this power to create the kind of relationship I wanted. And so I did.

Sitting there, I did three things. First, I loved that old loneliness in me, a feeling that had been there as long as I could remember. I embraced it instead of trying to hold it off. Then I made a deep whole-body commitment to bringing a conscious relationship into my life. I put in a few important dimensions: she needed to be honest, she needed to be responsible, and she needed to be highly committed to her own creative path (in the program you’ll learn about why these particular factors were important to me).

Then I did something I’d never done before. I spoke out loud, as if I were addressing the universe directly, ‘If it’s not in the cards for me to experience genuine love in this lifetime, I will accept that and be alone. But if it’s possible, I’d like to meet my ideal woman as soon as possible. I promise to do everything I can to receive her love. I also promise never again to accept anything less than what I most want.’ That last sentence sealed the deal for me. It was a promise to myself and to the universe that I would no longer settle for less. After I made that declaration I felt complete. A few weeks later I walked into a room and saw Kathlyn for the first time. Within a few hours of meeting, we looked into each other’s eyes and knew we’d spend our lives together.”

Believe It’s Possible

We know it is possible to change your relationship destiny, because first we changed our own. We began showing students in our seminars how to attract genuine love and maximize their relationships, and they went on to create the same miraculous results. Now, after taking more than 20,000 people through the process, we feel a tremendous confidence in the power of the concepts and techniques.

In this video, you will experience the magic of feeling your relationship options change dramatically. Through engaging in the whole-body learning techniques in the program, you realize that the magic is actually based on solid science. The important thing, though, is this: It works!

A Moment Of Choice

This is your opportunity to create the magic in your own life. Give the video the opportunity to work its magic on you. Buy the video and get it delivered instantly to you over the Internet. Savor the concepts and practice the techniques the video suggests. If you have a partner, get him or her to watch it with you. We’re sure it will make a major difference in the quality of your love-life. (There’s no risk to you: If for any reason you don’t find the video valuable you’re welcome to a full refund.)

Click HERE to watch a clip from the video.

Love and blessings,

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.




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