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Breathwork Immersion

Breathing consciously and optimally may be our most powerful medicine for kinesthetic, emotional, and cognitive well-being, as well as our most reliable guide for journeying toward self-realization.

Throughout the ages, cultures, medical and health systems, and spiritual lineages have developed breath practices to enhance the quality of life. Now, in the 21st century, we are aware of enough anecdotal and epidemiological evidence, ancient wisdom, and current research to support a movement to make breath practices accessible to all.

This unprecedented gathering of teachers, scientists, psychiatrists, and social activists offers scientific, philosophical, humanistic, and spiritual foundations for the benefits available from the entire spectrum of breath practices. Anyone is invited, from curious beginners to health professionals interested in incorporating breathwork into their practices.

We learn the simplest of breathing techniques that encourage relaxation, stress-reduction, and vitality; progressively enhanced breathing techniques that promote cortisone regulation, stimulate immune functioning and hormonal regulation, and support neural regulation and integration; and, finally, intensive breathing techniques, like Integrative Breathwork, that invite nonordinary states of awareness to help us penetrate the deepest parts of ourselves and access our greatest gifts.

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