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Next Trainings

Conscious Loving and Living Essentials, the 3-Day Seminar

January 29 – 31, 2016, Ojai, California

The Conscious Living Special

January 29 – February 5, 2016, Ojai, California

Conscious Living 5-Day Advanced Training

February 1 – 5, 2016, Ojai, California

“If you ask me, Gay and Katie are the perfect exemplars for stunningly conscious, incredibly loving, ever evolving and utterly fabulous relationships. When I grow up I want to be just like them.”

Geneen Roth
Author of Women, Food & God

Listen To Katie Talk About What We Mean By Whole-Body Learning:

Conscious Loving and Living Essentials: The 3-Day Seminar

Essentials gets you out of your head and into your whole-body creativity, so you can make your dreams real in your life. In Essentials you learn to use simple, powerful skills, backed by scientific research, that take you from “working on” your life to consciously creating your life.
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Conscious Living 5-Day Advanced Training

Are you ready to deepen your effectiveness?
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The Conscious Living SPECIAL

The Conscious Living Special includes these TWO classes, for the price of ONE!:
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Essentials In A Flash

Now, wherever you live in the world, you can participate in the key transformational processes that Katie has been honing for over twenty years with thousands of seminar participants. The Essentials flash drive plugs into your computer so there is nothing to download, translate or migrate. Loaded with activities that give you an opportunity to discover your own body intelligence and utilize the power of whole-body learning, this set of videos and accompanying workbook will guide you through all the major concepts and practices that have been taught in the live Essentials course around the world.
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Conscious Loving 5-Day Advanced Training

• Can you imagine close relationship as a life-long adventure of discovery?
• Would you be willing to expand your beliefs about what’s possible in relating beyond fixing or controlling yourself or others?
• What if your body wisdom, the way you breathe, move and notice, was the quickest path to relationship fulfillment?
• What if love could be easy?…
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The Conscious Loving SPECIAL

The Conscious Loving Special includes these TWO classes, for the price of ONE!:
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Would you like proven, powerful tools that spark discovery and integrate transformation easily?
Are you willing to continue renewing your own aliveness and joy as you empower others?
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The Practice of Presence

The end goal of a richly satisfying life isn’t to have more; it’s to be here more. Are you present for the irreplaceable moments of sharing love and creating experiences of value to you and others?
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The Couples Course

The Couples Course refreshes your practice of the Conscious Loving techniques, then takes you into a new paradigm we call Quantum Loving.
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Creativity Camp 3.0

After many years of dreaming and envisioning Creativity Camp, we launched it last year to great fanfare. Now we’re back with a new format and some VERY cool new processes.
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Creating Bliss Bodies: Unwinding Your Sex-Fear Tangle to Enjoy Full-Contact Living

In this seminar we’ll be enhancing wholeness by diving into the world of vibration, resonance, and other friendly evolutionary strategies. In new-paradigm living, we recognize that each of us is a whole being, connected and co-creating all the time. Rather than the getting over and getting better strategies of the old paradigm, we’re focused on getting more expanded and collaborative. We’ll be learning how to bring a heart-felt intention in from space and then minding it, caring for it all the way through to full expression.
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Creating Your Biggest Evolutionary Leaps: Mastering Context

You may have heard the old saying about not being able to see the forest for the trees. A more contemporary image is not being able to download the newest cool apps onto your current operating system. Context is your operating system. Context is more than “the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event.” Context is the often-invisible container in which we create our lives.
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Mastering The Magic Of Movement

Movement is the key to getting smarter lifelong, generating creative solutions, enjoying flexibility and growth, and connecting fully in satisfying ways. For the last 40+ years*, Katie has been passionately pursuing the power of conscious movement for personal, relational and community evolution. She has gathered the best practices and processes of her long career for this 5-day dive into presencing, connecting and playing into an expanded movement vocabulary.
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Evolutionary Playground

We see the Evolutionary Playground as a leading edge gathering from which to launch into actually living what currently seems impossible.
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Leadership and Transformation Program

The Leadership and Transformation Program offers a unique opportunity for our advanced students to immerse themselves in a two-year training program in the company of committed learners.
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Training Organizers

Meet the individuals and groups who help organize our trainings in your neighborhood.
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