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The Leadership and Transformation Program

Here is a recent short clip from a weekend seminar that illustrates the body-centered and collaborative nature of the program.

We weave discussion and experiential learning throughout our seminars. Here are some varieties of learning taking place in a recent weekend gathering.

Leadership and Transformation Program:
From Mentoring to Mastery


This whole program is about embodying fully, releasing anything that’s not essentially you in an easy way, and getting so connected to/with purpose that you become an open conduit for purpose to move through you with delight and benefit for all.

The Leadership and Transformation Program offers a unique opportunity for our advanced students to immerse themselves in a two-year training program in the company of committed learners. Participants can now choose from two possible tracks for learning. One track emphasizes facilitation, leadership and presentation skills, where students explore everything we’ve discovered about whole-body learning and transformation. The other track emphasizes a two-year immersion in giving and receiving feedback while practicing central methods of transformation and manifestation. Students can blend elements of these two tracks to create an optimum, customized learning environment.

TRACK ONE: Facilitation

Transformation Leaders attend as many scheduled live training programs (not online or tele-courses, which are handled separately) as they wish (new ones we create regularly will be offered at a discounted rate to trainees) and meet with Kathlyn primarily or Gay each day of the live trainings to explore facilitation principles and processes. This program features a detailed manual and customized supervision on structuring and leading seminars.

Live trainings are designed for people who demonstrate a passion for learning while being of service. This track is best suited for students who wish to apply the program to a coaching, presentation or other facilitation practice, or who wish to design a blend of their existing work with the body-centered transformation practices explored in the leadership and transformation program.

TRACK TWO: Community

The program now includes facilitator-only weekends, three-day explorations of connection and transformation in a context of deep play. Students who primarily want to advance their own evolution are invited to emphasize this track and come only to the pre- and post-training days that surround live trainings as well as these transformation leaders-only weekends. Students from both tracks are welcome to attend the pre-training days that precede our Essentials 3-Day Seminar and bookend longer training events. Events and phone calls for the whole leadership community are listed regularly on the website calendar.

All participants create structures to support each others’ learning, participate in discussions online and join in monthly conference calls. Many facilitators design personal and professional applications for the material for a variety of populations here, in Europe and Asia.

The Leadership and Transformation Program is open to graduates of Essentials 3-Day Seminar, and new facilitators may enter the program at any time during the year. Among the topics covered in the program are:

  • Utilizing the power of intention and service.
  • Exploring advanced breath and movement processes.
  • Facilitating primary transformational shifts, such as wondering.
  • Observing and intervening in a variety of settings.
  • Learning to be reliably and creatively responsible.
  • Mastering being present during full cycles of energy.
  • Moving beyond fascination with and entanglement in personal history toward full creative expression and contribution.
  • Clearly identifying and developing your genius and acting to express this purpose in the world.
  • Presenting content in a whole-body-learning format.

For the Curriculum Outline for the Leadership and Transformation Program, please click on the attachment at the bottom of this page.


Facilitation and Leadership

There are two groups of skills that the Leadership and Transformation Program builds. The first focuses on developing internal skills that include:

  • Energetically holding the space for the Transformation Leaders and the overall training purpose.
  • Attention skills, such as loop of awareness and easy shifts of awareness.
  • Wondering and playing with the relationship between intention and result.
  • Embodying, modeling and making the nine primary transformational shifts.

The second group of skills focuses on making active interventions with seminar attendees, such as:

  • Incorporating flag moves and advanced interventions.
  • Making effective and economical interventions.
  • Dealing with participant responses, levels of openness to learning, etc.
  • Designing and implementing a personal application of Leadership and Transformation Program.

Reading and other interim assignments will be given. Katie will meet daily with track one facilitator participants during the Essentials 3-Day Seminar and other trainings, and additional meeting opportunities will be scheduled with Katie and other facilitators that she invites to training events from time to time.


Transformation in Community

Several facilitator-only meetings will be scheduled between the seminar programs. Participants help set the agenda for these meetings within the general parameters of the program. These meetings may include graduates and focus on in-depth exploration of chosen themes, networking and community building. Past meetings have included:

  • Participants conducting sessions with clients for review and discussion.
  • Leadership trainees offering processes and other content to fellow participants, which are used for group learning.
  • In-depth exploration of themes such as evoking essence and establishing a creative practice, dealing with resistance, and applications of skills in daily life.
  • Personal transformation through deep play and exploration.

The Leadership and Transformation Program requires a two year commitment. Enrollment is limited, so give careful consideration to your level of interest and commitment to the program. A $500 non-refundable application fee is applied. Please contact for more details.

What People are Saying

“One of the things that makes LAT so different from other programs is the focus on the body and the transformative power of using movement and breath, (not just my mind) to transform my life.  Since joining the program I have learned how to use my voice much more, and express myself powerfully and authentically, which has brought about more closeness in my relationships. I’ve learned how to truly love myself, not just as a concept, but how to really care for and nourish myself daily.  I’ve made friends with my fear and learned how to feel all my feelings–which is one of the keys to experiencing a buzzing sense of aliveness all day long!  Most importantly, I feel that I live more from my authentic self, from my essence, than ever before, and that is for me, ultimately, what life is all about— living, and loving as my true self.” -Courtney Giancaterino

“I’ve been teaching, and giving talks and workshops quite a bit over the last few months, within a wide variety of environments – geographical and cultural, and to diverse groups of participants. I see and feel over and over again the ease and response-ability that I create through my knowing and experience of the facilitation tools I learned in the LAT program. I regularly get the specific feedback of ‘seamless facilitation’, or ‘brilliant facilitation’. I receive the appreciation and own my part in that; and I know that I didn’t have that ability before entering the program. I had most of the knowledge and wisdom that I share through the content, but I didn’t have the tools to shape and deliver that content at the level I have now of effectiveness, and of ease for me and maximum ease and benefit for the group.  Thank you Katie for the brilliance in the tools you teach, and in the way you model then as you teach them such that they became integrated into my experience organically over the two years. And to the folks in the LAT now, you are in the hands of a master. A master of connection and play.”  –Gillian Ferrabee, Creative Producer

“I have learned to love myself, with unconditional love, and to see the great beauty and value of my essence. My heart feels full, expanding, overflowing with love for myself AND for the whole world. I want to hug the world! (Seriously!) I feel liberated and light, and it all is rooted in my love and *delight* for who I am. And now, I am brimming with excitement for what’s next for me — how I will put all of this powerful love juice to use! Creativity is a-stirring!” -Elizabeth Hunter

“If Kathlyn Hendricks were a factory, the product you’d see at the loading dock, being lifted into the trucks and shipped to all corners of the world, would be masterful human beings.  Since that technology today still eludes us, Kathlyn has developed the most fun and life-altering two-year program in existence, the Leadership and Transformation Program.If you are, for any reason, not ready to play in a field of creative responsibility, and do not want to challenge the beliefs your mind has made up to keep you safe, small, and miserable, please do not contact Kathlyn Hendricks.”  -Evan Lange, Owner,

“My experience with the Leadership and Transformation program with The Hendricks Institute has been, well…truly transformational! My entire life has opened up for me in expansive and delightful ways. I am truly now enjoying my full-out aliveness in ways I never imagined possible before I joined The Hendricks group. My capacity for creating and engaging in the life I really want has increased a thousand fold! I can say without reservation that I experience a shining quality of life that includes: happiness, self respect and love, abundance, both financial and otherwise, depth and authenticity in relationships of all kinds, deep connection with my body intelligence and how it guides me, ease of choice and decision making, physical energy, and the list goes on…!  I feel deep gratitude for Gay and Katie Hendricks and the remarkable generosity and skill with which they share their brilliance!” -Susan Kistin

Click HERE for Curriculum Outline.